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Watchdogportal.pl (previously Watchdog.org.pl) is the only Polish website dedicated fully to the subject of watchdogs and their activities. On the website we talk about what’s going on among the Polish and foreign watchdogs, we promote good practice in running watchdog operations and we try to integrate the watchdog society. The website is a source of specialist knowledge, information, materials and examples of watchdogging actions connected with different areas of public life. It’s aimed at watchdogs and people interested in civic control, as well as potential sponsors, decision-makers or those who study the development of democracy and civic society in Poland.

The watchdogportal.pl provides among the others:

  • Current news from the watchdog world, including invitations for conferences, workshops and trainings;
  • Educational materials;
  • The biggest database of watchdog initiatives (in Polish only), including information on already completed and currently conducted projects;

The portal is run for watchdog organizations, which operate on a local and national level, informal groups and single persons, who perform watchdogging activities i.e. local initiatives and watchdogs, people and organizations willing to become involved in watchdogging and everyone interested in performing this activity in the fields of media, business, administration and science.

Watchdogportal.pl allows organizations, informal groups and individual persons performing watchdog-related activities to publish their own content, share knowledge and experience and to exchange opinions.

The website is part of a program run by the Citizens Network Watchdog – Poland called “Mocna Straż” [Might Guard]”.

Our team:

Joanna Gucman-Muz
The coordinator of Watchdogportal.pl

Website administrator. She coordinates the work of the editorial team. Responsible for verification of information published on the website. She gathers information regarding watchdog activities in Poland and the rest of Europe. She co-runs the fanpage dedicated to watchdogs

e-mail: joanna.gucman@watchdogpoland.pl

Martyna Danielewicz
Cooperation and promotion

She supports the communications side of the website. She’s responsible for building relations and contacts with journalists and performs promotional actions. She can be approached in matters concerning cooperation and sponsorship.

e-mail: martyna.danielewicz@watchdogpoland.pl

Agnieszka Podgórska
Watchdog education

A coordinator of numerous monitoring operations - including bottle-cap funds and civic consultations. A promoter of local watchdogs and their actions. She provides expert support in the scope of planning watchdog-related activities.

Katarzyna Batko-Tołuć
Watchdog education

The co-author and first coordinator of the “Watchdog” program. Author of the “Szkoła Inicjatyw Strażniczych” [The School of Watchdog Initiatives] project concept. She supports other watchdogs with substantive content. She aids planning watchdog activities and watchdog-related education. She is actively involved in working for transparency and clarity of public life in Poland. Author of publications on watchdogging in Poland.

Agnieszka Zdanowicz
Watchdog education

Coordinator of local monitoring operations, conducted by the Watchdog-Poland Association. She contacts and keeps in touch with people, who perform watchdogging actions. She provides editorial and substantive support for the website.

Krzysztof Łoś
Watchdog education

He is running an internet-intramural course “Na Straży” [On Watch]. He’s an author of educational content and co-author of substantive information, submitted to the internet platform. He is also responsible for its functioning. When dealing with education connected with watchdogs, he employs various methods to educate trainees about civic control and monitoring.

Kamil Bregula
Technical Administrator

Technical administrator. He oversees smooth functioning of the website. He is responsible for solving all problems regarding the use of the website – logging, adding content etc.

e-mail: kamil.bregula@watchdogpoland.pl

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