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Latvian watchdog organizations

Logo of the Public Policy Centre PROVIDUS.

Public Policy Centre PROVIDUS (in Latvian – Sabiedriskās politikas centrs PROVIDUS) is a think-tank NGO with a strong watchdogging and advocacy record. It was established in 2002 with the aims of fostering development of good governance, criminal law, EU politics and tolerance in Latvia. The organization also provides expert assistance, mainly in the former Soviet Union countries. Since 2006 Providus operates a relatively popular public policy portal www.politika.lv and, since 2010, a website www.gudrasgalvas.lv that allows direct communication between the public and Members of Parliament to boost the MPs’ accountability.

                                                    Website: www.providus.lv

Logo of the Transparency International Latvia.Transparency International Latvia (in Latvian – Sabiedrība par atklātību – Delna) is the Latvian Chapter of the global anti-corruption organization Transparency International. TI Latvia was established in 1998. Its mission is to strength an open, just and democratic society that is free of corruption in politics, business and mutual relationships. In recent years it is most active in public expert capacity, monitoring and support of the national anti-corruption agency, provision of assistance to corruption victims, implementing and anti-corruption integrity pact in the construction sector, and youth work. Since 2011 TI Latvia operates a Parliament anti-corruption and accountability monitoring website www.deputatiuzdelnas.lv.

                                                    Website: www.delna.lv

Logo of the Mozaika Association.

Association of LGBT people and their friends MOZAĪKA (in Latvian – LGBT un viņu draugu apvienību MOZAĪKA) was established in 2006 with the aim to facilitate development of a society where every person feels equal and free to make its own professional and personal choices, and certain that the state will protect human rights. Mozaīka is a member of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association ILGA and cooperation partner of Amnesty International. Main activities include advocacy at parliament and other levels, action against hate speech and actions, organization of the annual Latvian Gay Pride, support to LGBT youth.

                                                    Website: www.mozaika.lv

Logo of the Papardes zieds.

Latvia’s association for family planning and sexual health „Papardes zieds” (in Latvian – Latvijas Ģimenes plānošanas un seksuālās veselības asociācija “Papardes zieds”) was established in 1994. It is the preeminent NGO in Latvia working on reproductive rights issues and has a strong youth angle. The aims of Papardes Zieds are improving public understanding of sexual and reproductive health issues, access to quality services, and making of informed choices at the individual and family level. Currently the organization works in the following directions: youth, HIV/AIDS and STI, access to SRH services, abortion, and advocacy.

Website: papardeszieds.lv

Logo of the Matra Center.

Resource Center for Women “Marta” (in Latvian – Resursu centrs sievietēm “Marta”) was established in 2000, as a result of cooperation of Latvian women’s organizations and the Swedish Martha Association in Finland. Marta is a women’s rights NGO which provides social, legal and other support to women in Latvia – non-citizens and migrants, women with low income and unemployed women, female victims of human trafficking and of domestic violence. Marta’s watchdogging and advocacy efforts mainly grow out of its case work to address structural causes of clients’ problems.

                                                    Website: www.marta.lv

Logo of the Latvian Centre For Human Rights.Latvian Centre For Human Rights (in Latvian – Latvijas Cilvēktiesību centrs) was established in 1993. The organization works with integration (minority rights and promotion of tolerance) issues, elimination of discrimination and hate crimes/speech, asylum, migration and fundamental rights (freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, etc) issues, and human rights observation in closed institutions (prisons, police, immigration detention places.) Since 2003 it is the national focal point of the European Fundamental Rights Agency and, since 2006, member of the International Network against Cyber Hate (INACH).

                                                    Website: www.cilvektiesibas.org.lv

Logo of the Latvian Civic Alliance.

Latvian Civic Alliance (in Latvian – Latvijas Pilsoniskā alianse) was established in 2004 with the aim of strengthening Latvian civil society by supporting the common interests of Latvian non-governmental organizations and developing a conducive environment for their operation. The organization functions as a platform of NGOs with more than 140 members. Since 2006 it is a member of the World Alliance for Citizen Participation – CIVICUS, since 2008 – a member of the European Civic Forum.

Website: www.nvo.lv

Logo of the Apeirons Association.

Association of Disabled Persons and Their Friends “Apeirons” (in Latvian – Invalīdu un viņu draugu apvienība “Apeirons”) was established as an NGO in 1997 with the aim of integrating people with disabilities in the society. It addresses a very wide range of issues, and has an active and publicly visible watchdogging and advocacy role.

Website: www.apeirons.lv

Logo of the Sustento.Latvian Umbrella Body For Disability Orgenisations SUSTENTO (in Latvian – Latvijas Cilvēku ar īpašām vajadzībām sadarbības organizācija “SUSTENTO”) was established in 2002 as an umbrella organization for various handicapped persons NGOs. Its aim is to ensure that government policies integrate handicapped persons in society and that persons with various disabilities and chronic disease are not discriminated and their human rights are respected. Sustento is a member of the European Disability Forum.

Website: www.sustento.lv

Link to the LAPAS Platform.Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation (in Latvian – Latvijas Platforma attīstības sadarbībai LAPAS) was established in 2004 to contribute to development of an environment conducive to Latvian NGOs and opportunities for development cooperation on the national and international levels. The organization is a member of CONCORD (European NGO Confederation for Relief and Development), and cooperates with TRIALOG (Development NGOs in the enlarged EU), DEEEP (Development Education Exchange in Europe Project), Eurostep (European Solidarity Towards                          Equal Participation of People) and other international organizations.

                                                   Website: www.lapas.lv

Logo of the Patient's Ombud.Patients’ Ombud (in Latvian – Pacientu ombuds) was established in 2008 in order to improve healthcare quality, facilitate positive cooperation and information exchange among healthcare sector participants and patients, and process its clients’ feedback as policy proposals for the healthcare sector decision makers and workers. Among other things the Patient’s Ombud serves as a voluntary intermediary between patients and healthcare sector institutions and professionals.

Website: www.pacientuombuds.lv

Logo of the Center Center “Dardedze” (in Latvian – centrs “Dardedze”) was established in 2001 to protect children from abuse. While case work remains an important priority for the organization, preventive work with guardians and professionals of various sectors has gained significance in its portfolio. The organization watchdogs and advocates policies and legislation in its field of competence.

Website: www.centrsdardedze.lv

Logo of the Latvian Pensioners Association.Latvian Pensioners Association (in Latvian – Latvijas Pensionāru federācija) was established in 1992 to defend the right of elderly to a dignified life. The organization unites 82 pensioners’ organizations to defend the interests of this social group. While not a social partner, the organization is frequently consulted by the government and the parliament on policy and legislation issues related to pensioners.

Website: www.pensionari.lv

Logo of the Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia.Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia (in Latvian – Latvijas Brīvo arodbiedrību savienība) was established in 1990 to protect the interests of professional trade union members and employees. It is the largest non-governmental organization in Latvia. The organization is an official ‘social partner’ of the government, being consulted on all major policy and legislative issues within the National Tripartite Cooperation Council.

Website: www.lbas.lv

Link to the Latvian Friends of the Earth.Latvian Friends of the Earth (in Latvian – Latvijas Zemes draugi) is an umbrella organization for leading Latvian environmental NGOs aiming to preserve the environment and fight the causes of environmental degradation. It is a member of the Friends of the Earth International and Europe. The organization watchdogs and advocates, as well as facilitates public awareness of environmental issues and behavioral change.

Website: www.zemesdraugi.lv

logo of the Mezaparks Preservation Association.Mezaparks Preservation Association (in Latvian – Mežaparka Aizsardzības biedrība) is the first NGO formed by inhabitants of a city district to defend their rights and interests in Latvia. It was established in 1997 and has served as a model for other local activists. The organization aims to preserve the district’s value and uniqueness as an architectural monument by mobilizing the local population for advocacy and common activities. It has fought and won several important legal battles with the municipality or particular businesses where the rights of the local community were infringed.

Website: www.mezaparks.eu

Logo of the Jurmala Preservation Association.Jurmala Preservation Association (in Latvian – Jūrmalas Aizsardzības biedrība) was established in  in order to involve the local community in the decision making process of the municipality. It works to ensure transparency and accountability of the municipality by all means available to an NGO. Working in a resort town, the organization has been at the epicenter administrative and legal battles that have shaped case law where human rights intersect with interests of the business and local public sector.

Website: www.jab.lv


Logo funduszy szwajcarskich, Ecorys oraz Euroregion Bałtyk.


The above list was prepared under the project “Powerful Watchdogs” supported by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union.


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