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Slovak watchdog organizations

Logo of the Against Corruption.

Against Corruption is a newly created NGO devoted to investigating and proving individual cases of corruption. Its aim is achieving a society where „moral citizens will not be taken advantage of.“

Website: http://www.protikorupcii.sk/

Logo of the Bratislava Openly.Bratislava Openly is a citizen initiative which focuses on watchdogging and fostering public debate mainly on topics relevant to the Slovak capital, Bratislava, such as the use of public spaces and construction. It is doing a great job attracting attention to important changes going on in the city which would otherwise go unnoticed and thus helps empower citizens and reduce the power for corruption.

                                            Website: http://www.bao.sk/bratislava-otvorene

Logo of the Business Alliance of Slovakia.The Business Alliance of Slovakia is a professional organization which speaks up on behalf of employers. It watchdogs issues and policies which have a significant impact on doing business in Slovakia. It measures the quality of the business environment on a regular basis and frequently speaks up on topical issues.

                                           Website: http://alianciapas.sk/

Logo of the Centre for the Research of Etninicity and Culture.

The Centre for the Research of Ethnicity and Culture is an institute which contributes to the public discourse on minority issues and social exclusion. It speaks up on relevant issues including human and minority rights and formulates policy recommendations. Currently the Center is working on projects which focus on Roma housing and LGBT equality.

Website: http://www.cvek.sk/main.php?p=uvod&lang=en

Ekoforum is a network of 23 environmental organizations. It watchdogs policies with an environmental impact. The organization empowers citizens and often engages in filing collective proposals for legislative amendments on environment-related issues.

Greenpeace Slovakia is the local branch of the international environmental organization Greenpeace. The organization aims to fights the deterioration of the environment by “opening discussion on environmental issues for the society.” According to the organization, it engages in research, diplomacy as well as non-violent activities to achieve its goals.

Logo of the Health Policy Institute.The Health Policy Institute is a specialized think-tank/ watchdog, which focuses on healthcare policy. It aims to advocate the creation of a financially sustainable healthcare which reacts to the population’s needs flexibly. It regularly produces informed analyses as well as comments on topical issues.

Website: http://hpi.sk/hpi/en

Logo of the Initiative Otherness.Initiative Otherness is an NGO which aims to protect the human rights and freedoms of citizens with homosexual orientation and representing gays and lesbians in Slovakia.

Webiste: http://inakost.sk/

Logo of the INEKO.The Institute for Economic and Social Reforms
is an NGO “established in support of economic and social reforms which aim to remove barriers to the long-term positive development of the Slovak economy and society.“ It is active in areas such as education, healthcare and public debt where it often helps set agenda and influence policy.

Website: http://www.ineko.sk/about/about-us

Logo of the Institute for Public Affairs.The Institute for Public Affairs is an NGO devoted to promoting “a democratic political culture and decision-making.” Among its goals is to analyze issues important to the public discourse, set agenda as well as stimulate an active approach to public issues on the part of citizens. It publishes a yearly report on the quality of democracy in Slovakia as well as a quarterly “democracy barometer.”

Website: http://www.ivo.sk/106/en/home


Logo of the Institute of Economic and Social Studies.The Institute of Economic and Social Studies aims to monitor and evaluate the functioning and funding of the public sector, evaluate the effects of legislative changes on the economy and society and comment on current economic and social issues. Its best-known project is Price of the State, a unique interactive visualization of public finances.

                                             Website: http://iness.sk/stranka/5031

Logo of the M.R. Stefanik Conservative Institute.The M.R. Štefánik Conservative Institute aims to articulate, spread and defend conservative views in Slovak public discourse. It sees conservative views as those that have been proven over time. It most visible recent project focused on upholding and strengthening the enforcement of freedom of information legislation in Slovak local government.

Website: http://www.institute.sk/

Logo of the People Against Racism.People Against Racism is devoted to creating a tolerant, open and multicultural society, which respect human rights regardless of gender, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, age or education. It aims to monitor and react immediately to cases of racism in Slovakia.

Website: http://www.rasizmus.sk/

Logo of the Fair-Play Alliance.The Fair-Play Alliance is one of Slovakia’s most prominent watchdogs. It pushes for ethical, transparent, professional and effective public administration and political representation. Along with creating open data portals it focuses on drawing attention to individual cases of lawlessness. Recently it has been speaking up on the judiciary, currently Slovakia’s most distrusted institution.

                                              Website: http://www.fair-play.sk/index_en.php

Logo of the Transparency International Slovakia.Transparency International Slovakia is the Slovak branch of the global movement dedicated to fighting corruption. It speaks up on topical issues, creates open data portals as well as lobbies the government for change. Its focus areas include public procurement, transparency in local government and in healthcare.

                                              Wesbite: http://www.transparency.sk/en

Logo of the Via Iuris.Via Iuris cooperates with a team of lawyers to protect citizens’ rights and participate in public decision-making. It lobbies for legislative amendments, prepares analyses of legislation as well as represents citizens in individual cases.

Website: http://www.viaiuris.sk/en/index.html

Logo funduszy szwajcarskich, Ecorys oraz Euroregion Bałtyk.


The above list was prepared under the project “Powerful Watchdogs” supported by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union.


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