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Stop the draft bill to change the law on abortion in Spain

This will become the most unfair abortion law in Europe, forcing women with less resources to risk their lives in illegal abortion procedures and the ones with better means to travel to other European countries, where abortion is legal subject to the woman decision. This has not happened in Spain since our grandmothers time during Franco dictatorship.

The new law intends to:

1 – Remove the fetal malformation assumption, forcing mothers to carry babies with severe disabilities and illnesses

2 – Restrict the assumption on risk to the mother’s physical and mental health

3 – Remove the decision making on women from 16 to 18 years old regarding abortion, which will lead to high risk practices to stop accidental pregnancy. Paradoxically, girls this age are allowed to decide to marry and have children but not to decide not to have them.

Sexual education, which is the best option to avoid unwanted pregnancies has been removed from the academic curriculum in Spain

This law is ideological and intends to force women to live a reality of legal neglect and insecurity. It is also unnecesary, since it does not address any real concern of Spanish citizens. And, worst of all, unfair, overriding women rights on their bodies and lives.

Motherhood should be a wonderful experience that fills mothers and children with joy, never a forced condition, an unwanted experienced or a penalty. Stop this government burlesque and help Spanish women to keep their freedom and decision power on something as intimate as bringing life to this world.

Source and more: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Spanish_Minister_Alberto_Ruiz_Gallardon_Stop_the_draft_bill_to_change_the_law_on_abortion_in_Spain/

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