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Complete and objective information concerning people elected for fulfilling public duties

The project is supposed to create the database of the official activities taken up by Parliament’s members, senators and Polish representatives in the European Parliament. All the information is accessible on the website and is regularly updated. Not only does the portal gather the information already published on the Internet, but it also digitizer the data that have already existed in the analog version OR its computer form has not been of great practicality for its users. Now it is easy to search through it. Now it is easy to search through it.


Above all, the portal is addressed to citizens to increase their awareness while participating in democratic procedures.

On the other hand, it should make parliamentarians aware that their actions and decisions are permanently monitored and that citizen’s support (i.e. in elections) can be influenced by the objective information they receive, not necessarily by the political marketing.

These are also journalists – especially the local ones – that use the portal. They search for the information about senators and parliament’s members representing particular district.

The project aims at:

·         increasing the openness and the honesty in public life,

·         supporting conscious civil participation in elections and monitoring the public life,

·         making citizens’ decisions more reasonable and less influenced by the political marketing – indirect goal.


The project is entirely Internet-based – with mamprawowiedziec.pl as its main source. It refers to the “vote smart” idea that is very common all over the world.

Every parliament’s member, every senator of the 5th or 6th Sejm and Senat’s term and every representative of the European Parliament has their profile that is the main source of the information concerning biography and activity in the parliament.
All the information comes from the following sources:

·         the official website of the Sejm and Senat,

·         the official website of the National Electoral Committee,

·         the National Court Register’s base,

·         guides revealed by the Sejm and Senat’s Office,

·         the official websites of the political parties and the parliament’s members,

·         the websites of public administration offices and institutions,

·         social organizations’ websites.

We gather information by automatic downloading – if possible – and then compiling it according to creators’ intention. Unless it is possible, we apply for getting access to data, for instance by the Sejm and Senat’s Office. If necessary, the data is copied in a way that allows computer to read it. We also conduct the research of the chosen websites (such as official websites of political parties) and we choose the information that – according to researchers – is meaningful.

All that information is gathered on the particular profiles. The sections concerning elections and committee work are of great importance, as well. That allows to browse the information in a different context. In addition, every information is connected with each other with the links – if only it is possible. Anytime you can enter parliamentarian’s profile and then go to his/her election register.

Project’s methodology anticipates its constancy in order to allow people to have an access to all the data even if the term ends. Updating the base in accordance with the developing reality is of equal importance. Therefore, for example, after every sejm’s sitting people who are responsible for updating have a lot of work. Similarly, the register of property statements is annually updated.

Project’s results:

Actions begun in 2005 resulted in creating and regular updating the database that currently includes:

·         biographic information about 460 parliamentarians,

·         biographic information about 100 senators,

·         biographic information about 50 members of the European Parliament,

·         the base of the key parliamentary elections.

These are unique resources of the Polish politics’ history from the last five years.


·         The National Bank, 2006 – 6,000 $,

·         Stefan Batory’s Foundation, 2006 – 2007 – 145,000 PLN; 2008-2009 – 85,000 PLN,

·         Funds for the Civil Initiatives, 2007 – 74,000 PLN; 2009-2010 – 292,468 $,

·      Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe, 2007 – 2008 – 30,000 $, 2008 – 3,500 $; 2008 – 35,800 $, “The Right to Know – civil web about parliamentarians” – 100,000 $,

·         Funds for Non-Governmental Organizations, 2009 – 2010 – 194,480 PLN.


for more info: www.mamprawowiedziec.pl

Translated voluntary by Katarzyna Bierzanowska

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