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The observance for foreigners’ rights in guarded centres – monitoring report.

The monitoring of Ośrodki dla Cudzoiemców (OSCs) [Guarded Centres for Foreigners (further referred to as OSC) was conducted by the Association for Legal Intervention in cooperation with the International Humanitarian Initiative Foundation in August and September 2010 as part of the “Watch 24” project financed by the Open Society Institute Foundation.

The scope of the project was to verify whether the legal solutions on arresting and detaining immigrants (including those who seek refugee status in Poland) in closed facilities, which were adopted by the State, are actually applied in practice and whether the effective provisions governing some issues should not be modified in situations when it is obvious that they cannot be efficiently implemented. Another objective was also to establish whether the basic rights and freedoms guaranteed to foreigners by the legislator can be observed during their stay in guarded centres and to what extent. Attention was also put to how
the regime of staying in a guarded centre differs from the prison regime which was prepared for people who are deprived of liberty as a result of committing a crime and who were sentenced to imprisonment by a valid court judgment. Thus, the monitoring did not cover all the aspects of the foreigners’ stay in guarded centres. It mainly concerned issues which are directly related to the observance of basic rights and freedoms of the detained foreigners.

The report shows conclusions from the monitoring.

The report is avaliable here: http://www.interwencjaprawna.pl/docs/ARE-411-monitoring-osrodki-strzezone-ang.pdf

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