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They have a dream

We are looking at the following parameters: poverty indexes, levels and patterns of segregation, employment ratio, health care access and housing figures. In the course of our work we regularly see the mutually strengthening correlation between these conditions and society’s prejudices, discriminative practices and the limits of Romani people’s exercising their rights; building invisible, almost insurmountable obstacles in their way towards living as citizens with equal dignity. Instead of compiling an exhaustive list of all the issues, which could fill volumes using the available data, we aim to demonstrate the problem below.

We are ahead

In 2008, the European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) surveyed the extent of prejudice and negative discrimination in the countries of the Eastern European region. According to the results, 62 percent (approximately 500 persons) of the Romani people interviewed in Hungary claimed to have incurred negative discrimination in certain areas of life in the previous 12 months. With this figure we became runners-up among the participating countries, ‘losing’ by a mere two percentage points to the Czech Republic (64%). 90 percent of the Romani interviewees said that ethnic prejudices are widespread in Hungary. With this figure, we beat the Czech Republic by 7 percentage points, earning us the dubious honour of first place.

In the area of Animosity against foreigners and discrimination in today’s Hungary, the TÁRKI Social Research Inc. investigated among other topics the level of Hungarian society’s prejudices against specific ethnic groups. Of the ethnic groups included in the survey, people’s opinions are the lowest about Romani people: almost half of the people interviewed (close to 3000 people) would not accept a person of Roma origin as their neighbour, colleague or family member. They are followed by Arabic people whom 43 percent of the respondents would not accept in any relation, and Chinese people are the third with 33 percent.

Source and more: http://tasz.hu/en/romaprogram/they-have-dream

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